Get Personal with Your Debt Consolidation Plan

Why you should start getting personal with your debt consolidation plan Starting your personal debt consolidation plan can be a frightening process for some people. Let’s face it, if you decide to use a service to handle your debt consolidation plan, they are in charge of your money. If you don’t involve yourself in your […]

What is a Credit Report?

What is a Credit Report? A Credit report is basically a summary of important information about you. A credit report contains information about companies that have extended you money, repayment terms, the balance of credit due, how much you have previously borrowed, and personal identifying information. The personal information contained in your credit report is […]

Step by Step Credit Repair Manual

If you are looking for a comprehensive and extremely detailed credit repair manual then you need to buy a book, and there is a list of books you can buy at the end of this article. For a shortened version of how you can repair your credit keep reading. 1. Request Your Credit Reports The […]