Why does my dishwasher leave spots and food all over my dishes?

I have had the DMR77LHS for 2 years now and I have nothing but problems with it. It has never cleaned glass dishes without leaving spots and food particulars all over them. I have tried very detergent on the market nothing seems to work. We have also tried turning our water heater up…

How do you force drain the DMR77LHS?

I have water sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher from some other plumbing issues. How can I force drain it?

Is there a way to register my extended warranty?

I have a 3 year extended warranty and have had to have my dishwasher serviced every year since, including the year that I purchased it. Every time I try to set up a service call online, it indicates that my dishwasher is out of warranty. If either your company or I could register the warranty, […]

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