How do I know if the rinse aid dispenser is full?

The manual says to fill the dispenser until "the indicator points to Max". What indicator? The manual says to be careful not to overfill but I am having to refill every couple of weeks so I think I am underfilling.

My new dishwasher will not dry the dishes

new dishwasher, 3 weeks old. It has the rinse aid filled but still dishes come out with drops all over them. Yes, have tried the sanitize mode. Do i need to return the machine?

Mold inside door and on water spinner and bottom

I have been noticing mold (black stuff) surrounding the edges of the dishwasher detergent and rinse agent holder. Way before this I would notice how the whole machine smelled bad if we didn’t run it for a few days with just a few items in it. Then recently I see mold on the water sprayer […]

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