Can a dented Door Panel be repaired or replaced?

During installation, I pushed on the center of the door with my knee and dented it. The dent is more of a large dimple and is not creased. Can the door panel be removed easily to roll out the dent from the reverse side or can I purchase a new door panel? The door is […]

Dishwasher drain hose clogged

We installed this unit 2 weeks ago and the drain line is already clogged, problem code SE. How does one un-clog the drain hose?

Electrasol dishwasher tabs not dissolving in dishwasher

I have a brand new dishwasher. I washed 2 loads of dishes with no problems using dishwasher tabs. Since then, I have washed at least 4 additional loads and once the cycle is complete, I open the dishwasher and there is the dishwasher tab laying at the bottom of the dishwasher or it’s still laying […]

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