How to Maintain Your Furnace During Winter

A safe home should be one of your highest priorities. Since a malfunctioning furnace could be a disaster waiting to happen, regular maintenance will give you more peace of mind. Particularly during the winter months, checking on the function of your furnace is very important and can easily be done by any home owner. Before […]

How to Replace a Wooden Floorboard

Where a floorboard has become too damaged to repair, you may want to replace it – or at least the damaged section. If you are removing the whole floorboard, you should be able to lift it up by inserting a bolster chisel and levering the floorboard, using a small block of wood as a fulcrum. […]

How to Restore an Outdoor Table

Time outside is very valuable. In the world today your lives are often hectic enough that even a five minute break is a wondrous experience. When you finally get the time to relax outside with your friends, especially on a warm and sunny day, you may find that the time you would normally have spent […]

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