How to Repair a Staircase

A well-maintained staircase not only looks better but it is safer to use. Most repairs are fairly straightforward but improvements may prove trickier. The most likely fault with stairs is that they creak as you walk on them. This is caused by loose parts and is most easily cured by working from underneath the stair […]

How to Sift Out the Truth About Cholesterol

´╗┐Scared of Statins and other cholesterol lowering drugs? You should be. What man tinkers with, often becomes Frankenstein. First off, I am not a doctor. I don’t need to be to lower cholesterol, and you don’t either. You can lower your cholesterol with timed release Niacin, a water soluable B vitamin. The question is, do […]

How to Reupholster Dining Room Chair Seats

The Holidays are here again, and maybe you would like to seat your Thanksgiving Dinner guests on some new upholstery; If you can use simple hand tools you can do this project! Cutting Layout Measure how much fabric you will need: You want enough to pull around the bottom of the seat and staple, about […]

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