My tv will not turn on, what can I do to fix this?

The red light is on showing that these is power to the tv. I have tried multiple outlets and power cords with no success.

I need a base for my LCD TV Model #LN32A330J1D.

I need a replacement base for my LCD TV Model #LN32A330J1D. It was lost in our move a few weeks ago. It was hanging on the wall before but now at our new house it needs to be on a table and I am having a hard time finding the replacement part number or where […]

What are the temperatures that this television can withstand?

I am looking to use this TV outside, but out of weather elements. However, the one element that i will not be able to avoid would be the heat. Our temperatures can reach 115 at times, however stable between 105 and 112 for a month or so. Would this kind of heat cause anykind of […]