Firmware for Model LN46A650A1F

Recently I had occasion to review info on my Samsung TV. In that process, I discovered a download page for firmware. Firmware 2007.0 was available and I downloaded it to a USB and followed the instructions to unzip the file. When I plugged the USB drive into the port on the TV I was asked […]

Can it be used as a monitor in Europe?

I understand it can not display PAL, but can I use my US playstation to watch a US movie back in Europe? I will use a 220-110 V transformer, but will it work on 50 instead of 60Hz?

Am I the only one with a vertical green line issue?

We bought this tv back in November of 2008, and just in January of this year a vertical green line appeared. The line is about 12 inches from the right side of the tv, and it isn’t the input because when there isn’t a connection it is still there. I don’t know what to do […]

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