LN40B610A5FUZA More clarification please

I understand about the info box, when I turn my TV on, displaying the HZ signal that is coming into the TV and not the HZ after the TV processes it. What I don’t understand is why do my other Samsung TVs display 120HZ in the info box when I turn them on, and this […]

how do I view the full picture?

We watch business programs that have information running constantly at the top and bottom of the picture but they are not visible on this TV. I have tried everything I can think of to change the viewable area without success; how can i fix this?

does this tv LN46B610 have auto volume leveling?

does this tv LN46B610 have any automatic volume leveler to prevent volume fluctuations during commercials? I don’t see it listed. We have a real problem with this in our area.

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