DirectTV HD Format Compatibility

I bought a Samsung Touch of Color 46" LCD TV in May 2008. I am not switching to DirectTV, and I have read that they broadcast their HD signal in a format they call 1080p24. I want to know if the TV I have will work on that format. According to DirectTV, this is the […]

How to fix flashing between shots?

During some shows there is a bad flash frame problem during cuts. For example there seems to be like a frame or two of video everytime there is an edit espically during comedy shows. I have watched Seinfeld several times off satelite and local tv in hd and it still happens. It is like the […]

Media 2.0 Features The Same In The LCD 7 Series As The LED 7 Series

Are the Media 2.0/DLNA/Internet Connectivity The Same In The LCD Series 7 and The LED Series 7?

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