Can I change the pillar box color?

I have a Samsung LN52A650 LCD tv. When it is in either 720 or 1080i + pillar box format, is there any way to change the actual pillar box color from standard grey, to black? Or any other color, for that matter? Best Regards,

sound when you turn on and off the TV

Just a this tv for a week and every time we turn on or off the tv there is a sound ( like the windows shutting down ) This morning when we turn on there’s no more sound and just click like the regular thing when you turn on or off tv. Is this normal […]

What kind (size) of screws attach the 52A650 to its stand?

I purchased an open LN52A650 from Best Buy and they gave me 4 screws (none of them matched) to screw it into the stand. Because none of the screws match it is not sitting in the stand properly.

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