Why doesn’t the added 3 month warranty show up under my account?

I registered my new TV only because I saw that you get an additional 3 months on the warranty. However, after I registered, under "warranty" when viewing my information it still only says, "Warranty: parts – 12 months, labor – 12 months"! Why doesn’t it indicate I now have a 15 month warranty? I feel […]

How to not have horizontal black lines at top and bottom of screen

When watching some movies, thick horizontal lines are at the top and bottom of the screen. Will this cause burn-in? How can I avoid this?

What is the dynamic contrast ratio on this TV?

I have been looking at buying this TV for a while but there has been one thing that has been keeping me from buying it. That would be the dynamic contrast ratio because I can not find it anywhere. Everything else on it though seems great so if you guys could give me the contrast […]