What’s the power consumption on this PN50B860?

Your LED LCD’s have very low power consumption and I’m very impressed. So I’m wondering what this plasma PN50B860’s power consumption is when on & in stand-by?

Can I use the MR-00EA1 Media Center Extender with the PN50B860?

Or is there a possibility that this tv will function natively as a Windows Vista (or Win 7) Media Center extender? Thanks!

How to restore my scratched PN50B860’s bezel?

Hi, I was doing some house cleaning yesterday, and used some cloth to wipe the dust off the bezel of my brand new PN50B860(see attached photo). It left many fine hairline scratches on the bezel. So now how can I restore the mirror like finish on the bezel without buying a new bezel? What kind […]

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