MKV files – SAMSUNG PC Share Manager

My PN50C6500 (all Share) doesn’t display MKV files shared from my computer using Samsung PC share manager. I can see the rest of AVI files.

Why 6500 have less features than cheaper C590 series plasma

Why does PNxxC6500 does not have extensive features as PNxxC590 plasma. Even though C6500 is costlier than C590. What is Samsung’s explanation of new C6500 series plasma for having less features than 2009 models ( compare B860)

No dolby surround sound using HDMI/optical conections through TV

When I connect my Satellite TV receiver directly to my audio amplifier using the optical cable, and to the TV using HDMI, I have dolby surround sound but the audio is out of sync with the picture. When I connect the Satellite TV receiver to the TV using HDMI and then the TV to my […]

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