Is it possible to download IE 9.0 to Samsung TV PN51D8000?

When I log on to my Hotmail account from the TV Browser, I get the option to download IE 9.0. Can I click OK to download?

How do I force full screen with Netflix playing TV?

Example: I was playing episodes of "The Rockford FIles" and noticed that the screen was narrow. I have a plasma and I’m sensitive to the ‘burn in’ issue. But, the controls for widening the screen have no effect. Is there any way to control the screen size during play of Netflix? If not, shouldn’t there […]

Programming codes into fancy QWERTY Samsung remote.

Hello! Simple and straightforward. Need to know how to program codes into Samsung QWERTY remote that came with 51" Samsung 8000 Plasma. Like many consumers, will need it to control cable box. I have never had a problem finding this information for other TV remotes, but finding information for this remote is difficult. Thanks in […]

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