Can you use a wireless keyboard on third party apps

I have a wireless keyboard and am unable to use the keyboard on third party apps like youtube and facebook. But i am able to use them on the web browser and apps created by samsung. Is there a work around for this and am i the only one having this issue.

Why come no info, sw ver 1025?

Would like to see what changes swapping 1025 w/my current version (1024) will bring about before I install it; known product issues it will fix (if any), improvements, etc. Not finding anything under software update tab. Please to be helping me.

random smarthub menu appears during tv viewing

ever since i upgraded to firmware 001025 ive had the smarthub menu pop up for a quick second then it doesnt anymore only after i turn on my tv . it will pop up once everytime i turn my tv on. i reset my tv and it still does it.