Which video format(s) will my tv support?

Looking to play/stream videos using our PN58C6500TFXZA TV, which codecs or file types are needed to play on the TV?

Difference between the PN58C6500 and PN58C6400

Wanted some clarification on the difference which i do not think got properly addressed in a previous question. The summary of features on your website page (http://www.samsung.com/us/consumer/tv-video/televisions/plasma-tv/index.idx?pagetype=subtype) summarizes the key differences. The C6500 shows a depth of 1.4" whereas the C6400 shows a depth of 2.8". Is this true? Either Mr. Samsung’s earlier response (shown […]

Can I use the Skype App for my new TV?

My TV type is associated with my account, or it’s PN58C6500TF. The Skype app description said it supports an LED TV, but I’m not sure why I wouldn’t be able to use it with my Plasma TV.