What color is the bezel and stand exactly??

I keep seeing that the color for this model is a brushed titanium and I’ve also seen the LED UN55C8000 in person and it was labeled titanium as well. However is looks more of a silver or aluminum color and I can only find pictures online of the PN58C8000 and they all look black or […]

Should my plasma be buzzing this loudly?

I have a new 3d plasma tv and it buzzes. I know buzzing is common with plasma tvs but when im watching a blu ray using my blu ray player the buzzing is louder especially when its loading. It sucks when the movie is really trying to emphasis stillness and quiet, the buzzing just ruins […]

Does this TV have ethernet capabilities?

Is it 100 or 1000 meg? Does it support HDBaseT or will it with future firmware upgrades?

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