PN59D7000 loses picture settings

I set the picture mode to Standard and make all the adjustments I want. Then I exit out of the menu system and things are good for a little while. A little while later, the picture will suddenly change to Dynamic mode. And all my Standard mode settings will have reverted to their previous (default?) […]

How to turn off HDMI in certain HDMI inputs?

I am using three of the HDMI inputs and only want to use the audio from one of them. The others audio is ran to a receiver for surround sound. How do I leave the HDMI audio on for only one input while the others use the receiver? Basically for two inputs I don’t want […]

Is the PN59D7000FF Plasma TV ARC compatible?

I have tried to hook up the Samsung HW-D550 soundbar to the Samsung PN59D7000FF Plasma TV with no luck. I have tried HDMI connections and fiber optic connections and no sound comes from the soundbar. I HAVE turned off the TV speakers and still no luck……..HELP!!!!

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